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About Us


Our Story: Family Is What We Are At Heart

Our company’s story is one based upon the heart of our name, “Family.”  A family is a group of people that are held together by a special bond.  They are people that will do anything they can for one another in a time of need.  They will be a shoulder on which to cry, a helping hand in hardship, and by your side when you need them. 


Not so long ago, an elderly lady was in need of an antibiotic which was rarely used outside of the hospital setting.  Her care-givers had checked at a couple of pharmacies for the item, but had no luck.  They came to us, in desperation, as it was nearly time for her next dose.  When we did not have the item, they looked heart broken.  But rather than send them away as others had done, we asked them to wait for a moment.  We began calling every pharmacy in town, then in surrounding communities.  We called chain pharmacies, independents, hospitals.  Finally after about twenty calls, we finally found the medication.  Unfortunately, it was fifty miles away in a hospital pharmacy that could not sell to an out-patient.  So we traveled for it.  About 2 ½ hours later, we delivered the dose to the patient, a little late, but she got it.  She had never been a patient of ours prior to that, but because of our concern and our efforts to do everything possible to take care of her, she and all of her family have been faithful customers ever since.


An elderly gentleman, who had been coming to us fairly regularly for a few months, came in one day after eye surgery.  When he came in we could tell he should not be driving.  So when we finished his prescription, two of the technicians drove his car and took him home.


Frequently, many patients are touched by the fact that Family Pharmacy cares enough to follow up with them to see how they are doing after receiving a medication and this expression of concern opens a door of communication that often would not exist otherwise.   Physical limitations have been identified as well through these personal interactions.  A patient shared the inability to read the directions printed on the prescription bottle.  When individual needs are identified we count it our privilege to partner with our patients to improve the care they are receiving.  


Family is about the little things that mean so much to the individual.  Not for compensation or recognition, but simply to help one another.  It is that heart felt love for the customer specifically, and the community as a whole that has made us what we are.  We are here to help heal the body.  But whenever we can also touch the heart, we will do so, for that is what truly makes everything worthwhile.  If our business were just about making money, we would probably have already failed.  Our prayer is that every person who comes through our doors will feel they are treated like family. 


Our Staff

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